Workday System Integration

Unite HCM and global payroll to propel transformation

For over a decade, Safeguard Global and Workday have partnered to help more than 100 shared clients pay workers around the world, with solutions that lead to less risk and more agility. Workday’s world-class software combined with Safeguard Global’s payroll expertise gives multi-nationals an edge in the global competition for talent.

“When it comes to transformation, it’s about making processes seamless.”

Certified Workday integration with global payroll

In 2010, Safeguard Global became the first global payroll provider to formally partner with Workday and integrate global payroll data with the cloud to improve HR processes. Today, Safeguard Global is a proud partner of the Workday Global Payroll Cloud, a program that lowers deployment costs by offering pre-built integrations and common data models.

  • Bi-directional Workday integrations in 125 countries
  • 900+ payrolls deployed
  • PECI-certified in 100+ countries
  • Full integration suite: Payslips API, ExPR, Accounting Journal (FINS) and Time Tracking
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Unlock the full value of Workday

When you infuse global payroll data into Workday, you extend the value of the platform to every country where you do business. Make Workday a one-stop shop for employees around the world to access payslips, benefits, tax deductions, PTO accruals and sick time. Payroll data also provides the critical link between HR and finance systems, enabling you to get even more from your Workday Financial Management applications.

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Accelerate deployment
  • Unify HR and finance data

Unify reporting for smarter decisions

Gain unprecedented visibility into workforce costs for strategic planning and stress-free reporting. Safeguard Global and Workday work together to handle the complex task of standardizing in-country data formats and managing the flow of payroll data to and from local markets. The result is cleaner data, worry-free compliance and uniform reporting across country borders. Seamless Workday system integration helps:

  • Improve cashflow forecasting
  • Compare actual to budgeted labor costs
  • Optimize pay ranges based on like-for-like comparison

100+ shared clients and counting

“We were able to truly demonstrate the financial benefit of our implementation."

We work with leading Workday systems integrators

Safeguard Global can help you get the most from Workday.

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