International salary benchmarking: A how-to guide

March 7, 2022

Before you can hire internationally, it's important to understand what salary range is appropriate for each position and what compensation is required in each country where you plan to do business. 

If your offers aren’t in line with the local market, you risk being unable to attract or retain the right talent. And improper compensation can also open you up to legal troubles if you violate employment laws.

How to get started with global salary benchmarking

This guide to global salary benchmarking is based on our experience over the past decade helping organizations large and small hire workers in over 165 countries. We’ll explore:

  • What global salary benchmarking entails
  • How to undertake salary benchmarking in any country where you plan to do business
  • Where to find trusted sources of global salary data, as well as country-specific compensation requirements
  • How to align your global salary benchmarking with your organization's compensation philosophy

After reading the ebook, contact us to learn more about how an employer of record can provide local HR expertise to guide you as you conduct global salary benchmarking for your new international hires.

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