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We help you streamline processing across your global workforce and gain valuable data insights

Remove the complexity from global payroll
Payroll is more than just numbers. It’s about protecting your company’s most valuable asset—your people—by ensuring they’re compensated correctly, compliantly and on time.
But global payroll is complex, and maintaining a patchwork of local providers or shared service centers can make it hard to communicate when things go wrong. And since many vendors rely on cumbersome templates and spreadsheets instead of direct connection to your HCM or HRIS, data can be wrong or out of date.
This can be costly to your business—and detrimental your people. We can help.

A single payroll solution for your multinational workforce

Payroll 360, formerly known as Global Managed Payroll (GMP), is our comprehensive solution for unifying payroll processing across your global operations and with your HCM or HRIS. By integrating payroll globally, we bring workforce and labor cost data together in one platform. With Payroll 360, you can:

By integrating global payroll with your HCM or HRIS, you gain a single source of truth of your workforce data, standardized across currencies and languages.

Uncover insights from centralized workforce and payroll data, such as how much overtime, benefits and wage inflation are costing your business.

Streamline payroll across multiple countries in a single platform. Cut the cost of redundant processes and data errors often seen in decentralized payroll systems.

Rely on our payroll specialists in over 150 countries to ensure payroll complies with local labor and tax laws.

Save over 20% in productivity through standardization and consolidation of global payroll
— “Next Generation Payroll Services,” NelsonHall HR Services, March 2019
One platform for payroll workflow and data
Payroll 360 is powered by our Global Unity platform, giving you total control of processing across your workforce.
  • Integrate with HCM/HRIS

    Consolidate HR and payroll data across your international teams to simplify administration for your in-house staff.

    Access local support

    Have a question about payroll taxes or other withholdings? Connect directly with our expert in-country payroll teams, who can guide you through the complexities of payroll delivery.

    Consolidate global payrolls

    Gain a unified view of pay data—in real time—no matter the country or local currencies.

    Manage time and attendance

    Automatically connect employee hours and time off with payroll.

How can a global payroll solution help you?

ROI for your HRIS or HCM implementation
Have you (wisely) invested in an HRIS or HCM but don’t have global payroll coverage? We can bridge the gap and unify your data so you have a single view of your entire workforce. We have pre-built integrations with the leading HR technology providers, including Workday, as well as partnerships with top systems integrators.

How does Payroll 360 work?

Your payroll inputs are integrated into our Global Unity platform from your HCM/HRIS or other system. This data includes everything we need to accurately calculate gross-to-net, such as hours worked, worker classification and withholding rates.

Within Global Unity, our in-country payroll experts validate your data and run the gross-to-net for your payroll. We ensure all voluntary contributions, taxes, social security and other authority payments mandated by local employment law are remitted.

You’ll get a chance to review the reports within Global Unity and correct errors. Once you’re satisfied, you approve for processing.

We check your payroll again, validating that everything is accurate, then process your payroll.

Results data, including authority payments and all required tax filings, are sent back to your HCM/HRIS, where payslips and final reports can be accessed.

Your trusted partner for multi-country payroll

Veteran Experience
We have over a decade of experience and 1,500+ clients. We understand the business of paying employees around the world and have helped companies solve even the most complex challenges.
Customized Solutions
We design a solution tailored to your specific needs. Plus, you have a service delivery manager to work with your teams to govern payroll operations.
In-country payroll specialists
Our hands-on in-country payroll teams not only ensure payroll compliance, but we also provide coverage and support in the local language and time zone.
Secure HR platform
Global Unity, the platform that powers Payroll 360, meets the strictest requirements for employee data collection, categorization and retention.

Let’s discuss your payroll needs

Our global payroll experts can help make a plan to ensure the right solution for your payroll environment

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