Payroll in Zambia

Payroll in Zambia

Administrating timely, accurate and compliant payroll in Zambia requires a deep understanding of local tax, reporting, employment and compensation requirements. With our payroll solutions, you can count on in-country expertise and support to help ensure your workers in Zambia are paid correctly, compliantly and on time—every time.

Taxes, employee compensation and benefits
Our local experts provide up-to-date guidance on the specific tax legislation, compensation requirements and benefits expectations for processing payroll in Zambia.

  • Corporate, income and regional taxes
  • Social taxes, including pensions, healthcare and unemployment
  • Compensation for holidays, vacation and various types of leave
  • Other withholdings and employer contributions

We administer payroll in various ways:

  • Global Managed Payroll, a solution for your multinational organization that streamlines processing across countries, currencies, languages and time zones, giving you global visibility into pay data for making smarter workforce decisions
  • Global Employment Outsourcing, an employer of record solution that allows you to employ and pay international workers even if you don’t have a local entity
  • As a managed provider for your operations in a specific country

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