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Hire, pay and support workers around the world

Compete for top talent and grow your global team quickly—no entity required
Hiring in new global markets is easier than you think
When hiring internationally is a priority, you need to be able move quickly. After all, top talent isn’t going to wait for you to set up a local hiring entity or get up to speed on the local labor laws and customs.
Remove the traditional obstacles to global expansion. With the help of our in-country HR experts, you can:
  • Hire quickly
  • Support your foreign workers
  • Minimize compliance risk
And you don’t have to spend the time and money it takes to establish an entity in a foreign country.
Need help finding international candidates? We can help there, too.

Hire with GEO,
our employer of record

GEO our employer of record service, combines streamlined software with on-the-ground HR teams to help you hire, manage and pay workers in 170+ countries. Through our established entities around the world, we hire employees on your behalf, handling the HR and legal requirements. You then manage your new global workers and the valuable contributions they bring to your organization.

We ensure employee contracts comply with all local labor laws. We also provide guidance to help you compete for top candidates, with flexible, cross-border work options and attractive benefits and salary packages.

We’ve onboarded thousands of workers in the past decade. We know what works and what doesn’t. With our streamlined approach, your team can get started in as little as two weeks.

We make sure payroll for your international workers is accurate, on time and includes all required benefits and tax withholdings.

Our in-country HR teams make sure your workers get the support they need in their home language and time zone.

Manage your global team in one secure platform
GDPR and SOC 1 compliant
  • Simplify expense management

    Employees can use the GEO app to upload receipts and track expenses, so you can review and approve in real time.
  • Track employee time and attendance

    Your team can clock in and out, right from their phone. And you can automatically connect employee hours and time off with payroll.
  • Streamline onboarding

    Quickly set up new hires, automate paperwork, and track employee onboarding in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Gain workforce insights with GEO Analytics

    View employment invoice data in a single, secure dashboard. Get individual and aggregate data broken down by country, currency and contract type.

When is our EOR solution right for you?

Hire remote workers in their home country
If your best talent live and work in a foreign country where you don’t have an entity, we can help you employ them remotely—wherever they are—so you don’t miss out on the value they bring to your organization.

How does our employer of record service work

  • 1

    Welcome call

    We guide you through country-specific requirements, such as taxes, labor laws and benefits.
  • 2

    Contract review

    We work with your team to prepare an employment contract that meets both your company’s needs as well as local market laws and customs.
  • 3

    Employee onboarding

    Your employee begins day-to-day operations. They'll report to you, while we serve as their legal employer and handle all HR and payroll needs. You and your worker will gain access to our secure employee management platform.
  • 4

    Simple billing

    You receive a single invoice per country detailing your employees’ salary, social costs, commissions and service fees.

A trusted partner for your global hiring needs

With over a decade of experience and 1,500+ clients, we’ve seen it all and have solved even the most complex international hiring challenges.

We’ll pair you with one direct point of contact and design a hiring solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our in-country HR and payroll teams help you understand regulatory requirements to ensure compliance, as well as employment customs to foster a positive employee experience.

We’re clear about our service right from the start—no hidden costs or fees. You’ll get one invoice per country that includes all local social costs and taxes.

Offer your team the flexibility to work in any way, and thrive
In the past couple of years, employees around the world have re-evaluated what’s important to them. Many people want to work for an employer that provides flexibility in where, when and how they work.

GEO helps you meet your employees’ needs for flexibility— which helps you gain a competitive advantage for top talent—we also ensure they have local HR support no matter where in the world they live.
A career revitalized in Mexico City, thanks to people-centric hiring
Maria Castro Lopez has worked for Ingram Content Group since 2017, when the company hired her via GEO. She had the perfect mix of technical knowledge and skills for a customer-facing sales role,
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Compliant hiring for every worker classification
Should you hire independent contractors or employees? We’ll help you understand the employment laws in your target country so your hiring decisions don’t expose you to noncompliance. Try our Worker Classification Tool to quickly evaluate whether your international workers are putting your organization at risk.
A project manager works at a laptop

“We can just do the work that we need to do, knowing that Safeguard Global is helping us manage risk in the countries we want to go to.”

Renuka Iyer, Chief Human Resources Officer at WRI

Learn more about how CloudWay gains a competitive advantage for hiring top global talent.
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