Payroll in Portugal

Payroll in Portugal

Although Portuguese labor rules are considered less rigid than in many European countries, administering accurate and compliant payroll in Portugal still requires a firm understanding of the country’s distinct requirements and customs governing taxes, employment benefits and compensation.

The euro is the official currency of Portugal.

Payroll cycle
Employees in Portugal must be paid at least biweekly—via check, money order or direct deposit—and payment must be made on a workday, during working hours. Employers must provide a payslip detailing pay, benefits and deductions every pay period.

Taxes for payroll in Portugal

Corporate tax
The corporate income tax rate in Portugal is 21%.

Income tax
Employee income tax in Portugal is assessed on a progressive scale, with rates ranging from 14.5% to 48% depending on annual income. Income tax brackets are:

  • €0 – € 7,112: 14.5%
  • €7,113 – €10,732: 23%
  • €10,733 – €20,322: 28.5%
  • €20,323 – €25,075: 35%
  • €25,076 – €36,967: 37%
  • €36,968 – €80,882: 45%
  • More than €80,882: 48%

In addition to income tax, employees with an annual income of €80,000 to €250,000 are subject to a solidarity surtax of 2.5%, and those with an annual income exceeding €250,000 must pay a solidarity surtax of 5%.

Employers are required to withhold income tax and remit payments to the government on behalf of their employees. Employers must file and remit taxes monthly and also provide employees with an annual tax summary by January 20.

Portugal’s two autonomous regions, the Azores and Madeira, each have their own income tax rates.

Social Security
Social Security contributions are divided between the employer and employee. At for-profit companies, the employee contribution rate is 11%, and the employer rate is 23.75%. At nonprofit organizations, the employee rate is also 11%, but the employer rate is 22.3%.

Contributions are administered by the Ministério do Trabalho, Solidariedade e Segurança Social (MTSS), and they cover benefits such as pensions, sick leave, parental leave, unemployment insurance and family benefits.

There are two separate funds that employers must pay into for unemployment benefits:

  • Fundo de Compensacão do Trabalho (FCT), at a rate of 0.925% of an employee’s salary
  • Fundo de Garantia de Compensacão do Trabalho (FCGT), 0.075% of an employee’s salary

Additional payroll tax
Employers with an above-average number of workers on fixed-term contracts must pay an additional payroll tax. The rate is based on the difference between an employer’s number of fixed-term contracts and the industry average, with a maximum tax rate of 2%.

Employee compensation and benefits in Portugal

The Portuguese Constitution and Labor Code define employment regulations and the MTSS administers social benefits.

When processing payroll in Portugal, you’ll need to consider the following employment regulations:

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