Payroll in Greece

Payroll in Greece

Greece, which nearly defaulted on its public debt in 2010, overhauled its fiscal policy to meet the obligations of the European Union’s austerity plan. Because fiscal policy changes are ongoing, local legislative expertise is critical to processing payroll in Greece.

As such, accurate and compliant payroll in Greece requires a firm understanding of the reform measures, including a reduction in public pensions, benefits and health expenditures, and an increase in taxes.

The euro (EUR) is the official currency of Greece.

Payroll cycle
Employees in Greece must be paid at least once a month.

Taxes for payroll in Greece

Corporate tax
Entities in Greece must pay a corporate income tax of 24% on annual profits.

Income tax
Employee income tax in Greece is assessed on a progressive scale, with rates ranging from 9% to 45% depending on annual income. Income tax brackets are:

  • €0 – €10,000: 9%
  • €10,001 – €20,000: 22%
  • €20,001 – €30,000: 28%
  • €30,001 – €40,000: 36%
  • €40,001 and higher: 44%

Employers are required to withhold income tax and remit them to the Greek tax control authority, Eforia, by the 20th day of each month. Employers who file late taxes or file taxes incorrectly may face fines or criminal proceedings.

Social Taxes
The social security agency in Greece, known as the e-National Social Security Fund (e-EFKA), administers retirement, sickness, industrial injury, unemployment and maternity benefits, as well as the national health insurance system. e-EFKA coverage generally begins on the first day of employment.

e-EFKA contributions are divided between the employer and employee, with employers contributing 24.73% of an employee’s gross salary and employees contributing about 16%. The e-EFKA social contributions include:

  • Pension: 13.3% for employers; 6.67% for employees
  • Supplementary pension: 3.25% each for employers and employees (will reduce to 3% effective June 1, 2022)
  • Healthcare: 4.3% for sickness and 0.25% for cash benefits for employers; 2.15% for sickness and 0.4% for cash benefits for employees
  • Unemployment: 1.2% for both employers and employees
  • Professional risk: 1% for employers only
  • High occupational risk (dependent on industry): 1.4% for employers; 2.2% for employees

Employers are required to pay e-EFKA contributions, including those withheld from employee paychecks, by the last business day of each month. Employers who do not file social taxes, or file them late or incorrectly, are subject to fines of 10% to 50% of their monthly contributions.

Solidarity tax
Employees in Greece are required to pay a solidarity surcharge based on their income. Employers are responsible for withholding the solidarity tax and remitting to Eforia monthly. Solidarity tax rates are:

  • Up to €30,000: 0
  • €30,001 – €40,000: 2%
  • €40,001 – €65,000: 5%
  • €65,001 – €220,000: 9%
  • €220,001 and higher: 10%

Employee compensation and benefits in Greece

In Greece, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security oversees employment practices and is charged with enforcing labor laws, maintaining industrial stability, conducting industrial training, and promoting the health and safety of employees.

When processing payroll in Greece, you’ll need to consider the following employment regulations:

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