Global Managed Payroll

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Global Managed Payroll

Why Global Managed Payroll

When payroll is processed by multiple vendors and systems around the world, you miss out on the comprehensive data and insights you need to understand your global workforce costs and make key strategic decisions.

With streamlined payroll processing across currencies, languages, time zones and customs, Global Managed Payroll gives you unprecedented visibility to pay data and workflow so you can make smarter, more data-driven decisions.

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Our interactive assessment helps you gain a better understanding of your payroll and HCM risks, challenges and opportunities. In just five minutes, you’ll uncover new insights about your approach to global payroll, so you can drive valuable change. Kick-start your HR improvement goals by taking the assessment today.

Our managed payroll
services and platform

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Accurate, end-to-end payroll management

We service over 150 countries and match all payroll inputs to payroll outputs, reducing your risk for errors.

Local compliance

In-country payroll experts ensure processing is compliant with all local legislation and employment requirements, reducing your risk of noncompliance.

Employee management platform

Manage global pay data and workflow, employee time and attendance, and HR requests in one place, while creating a seamless experience for employees—from clock-in to payday.


With our managed payroll services and platform, you gain complete access and control of all pay data and workflow—no matter where payroll is run.

Global data and
reporting consolidation

We provide you access to standardized labor cost insights and reports, helping you make smarter business decisions based on real-time data.


Our global payroll solution seamlessly integrates with human capital management systems, so you can increase user adoption and get the most ROI out of your HR data and reports.

Experience the strategic advantage of centralized global payroll

Unmatched local market expertise

Local market knowledge and experience are critical to ensuring your payroll is processed in compliance with all legislation.

We support over 150 countries, have in-country offices and direct, on-staff expertise to help ensure you’re paying and managing your global workforce compliantly.

Unmatched local market expertise
A suite of solutions to support your global vision
A suite of solutions to support your global vision

Growing your global footprint brings significant challenges. We have a unique suite of solutions that go beyond payroll, helping you seamlessly scale operations as you establish employees in new regions.

Global payroll. Time and attendance. Employer of record. Expense management. All integrated into one platform to give you streamlined employee management and bring your global workforce closer to headquarters.

Global visibility for smarter decision-making

Tax regulations. Currencies. Benefits. Languages. We translate all local data into one global view, meaning you not only get access to data, but the ability to analyze it in order to make strategic global decisions.

Learn from data like: Labor costs by country, by department. Or how much you’re paying in taxes locally. And in return, gain insights that inform your global workforce strategy—including how many contingent versus full-time workers will be most cost-effective in each country.

Global visibility for smarter decision-making

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