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Global Managed Payroll

Pay employees everywhere
with one agile payroll solution

Take control of global payroll

Streamline payroll processing across currencies, languages, time zones and customs in over 150 countries—with one global payroll solution—and gain global visibility to workforce spend.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

More than2 million payslipsprocessed per year

What you can do with global managed payroll

Save more than 20% in productivity*

Make international payroll faster and easier with one standardized process across your global footprint.

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reduce risk of payroll operations icon

Reduce risk of noncompliance with local expertise

Gain peace of mind that payroll is compliant with all local regulations and legislation by relying on our global payroll specialists in over 150 different countries.

Consolidate - GMP

Consolidate financial reporting

Establish payroll accuracy and uncover total global workforce spend with a complete view of employee gross-to-net salaries – converted into one currency.


Streamline HR administration

Help managers stay on top of HR requests, benefits, time and expenses with self-serve access to pay data analytics and workflow in one place.

Automate - GMP

Automate time and attendance

Enable employees to request and approve time off and clock in and out from their mobile device.

* “Next Generation Payroll Services” NelsonHall HR Services, March 2019

Fully integrated with leading HR brands

When Global Managed Payroll is right for you

payroll restoration icon

Payroll restoration

Payroll errors? Compliance mistakes? If your payroll team is struggling with single- or multi-country payroll, we can help. Our in-country experts can resolve issues quickly and ensure all processing is accurate and compliant with local labor laws.

global expansion icon

Recent global expansion

If you’re planning an international expansion and need to launch payroll for a new entity but lack the in-house expertise, we can help. We have in-country offices and payroll experts to help transition workers to your new legal entity and get payroll operations up and running quickly.

global hr transformation icon

Global HR transformation

When your payroll data lives in multiple systems, processing is inefficient, and you have no single source of truth for financial reporting. Our payroll platform helps you streamline inefficiencies and consolidate data into one global view for more impactful reporting.

mergers icon

Mergers and acquisitions

If your company is acquiring workers in a new country and needs to implement local payroll and HR solutions quickly, we can help. With one simple payroll process across more than 150 countries, our quick-to-deploy solutions ensure deals stay on time, in control and in compliance.

Three flexible payroll models

Looking to fix payroll issues in one or more countries? Done. Needing full-service payroll around the world? No problem. Get the global payroll solution you need, where you need it.

Local payroll

When you need help in a single country, we can help you fix payroll issues fast. Our local team ensures that you remain compliant with ever-changing employment legislation.

See our localized solutions in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany.

Multi-country payroll

When you’re looking to streamline payroll in a whole region, we can harmonize and validate data across multiple countries. The result is a consistent and efficient process that saves you time and money.

Remove the complexity from paying your international employees.

Global payroll

When you’re ready to transform your global payroll process, we can unlock the true power of your global workforce data. Bring all countries together into a centralized process that delivers strategic insights.

Elevate the role of HR to a strategic business partner.

Safeguard Global can make global payroll work to your advantage. Ready to learn how?

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