Global hiring for your NGO

Your mission, made possible in more countries around the world

Global hiring for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Hire who you need, wherever you need them, without risk

Whether your NGO is charged with protecting wildlife or preserving the environment, furthering education or fighting hunger, you need people on the ground to support your mission. What you don’t need is risk—or red tape—when hiring globally.

We help nongovernmental organizations like yours further your cause, farther than you thought possible, by allowing you to hire compliantly, and without the complexity of setting up an international entity.

As your local HR partner, Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) assumes responsibility for all labor, payroll and tax requirements, protecting you from noncompliance and freeing you to focus on the impact your new employees can make on the world.

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Ensure employment contracts meet local regulations

Eliminate risk of penalties, fines or funding loss related to labor law unfamiliarity

Cost savings

Avoid pricey fees and lengthy timelines required for entity setup

Allocate budget to your mission instead of HR overhead


Hire the best talent, regardless of their location or nationality

Onboard workers in as little as two weeks

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global hiring for your NGO