People Analytics for Payroll 360

Analyze global workforce data in a single platform

Gain real-time visibility of people analytics to better understand costs and make strategic business decisions

Uncover valuable insights about your global workforce
As a multinational employer, you’re collecting loads of HR and payroll data. But does your data give you the kinds of meaningful insights that inform strategic business and people decisions?
It starts with centralizing your HR and payroll data.
We can help by bringing your data together our robust platform. So you can better understand trends that affect the employee experience and the true cost of your global workforce.
We provide a data-driven approach to workforce planning

Global Unity Analytics for Payroll 360 users is our people analytics solution that unifies payroll and HR data in a single platform.

With Global Unity Analytics, you get real-time dashboards that let you track and analyze global pay data. And your data is standardized across currencies, languages and time zones. We give you access to actionable payroll and HR metrics, so you can make the proactive, data-driven decisions that advance your goals.
One dashboard, a wealth of information
  • Global labor costs

    Give business leaders the big picture and a breakdown of costs by country. You get metrics for things like total monthly pay, cost per employee, local payroll taxes, and overtime expenses.

    Workforce trends

    Gain understanding of your turnover rate, employee age and tenure, and where employees are being hired.

    HRIS and HCM integration

    Integrate your HRIS or HCM with payroll to break down data silos. Additionally, gain a single source of truth for your employee data and increase transparency across the organization.

    Learn about our Workday partnership

    Real-time updates

    Spot potential issues or mistakes before they happen with real-time information from all touchpoints of the pay cycle.
Answer critical business
questions with people analytics


With a real-time view of your total workforce spend, not only can you ensure your growth is sustainable, but also that it aligns with long-term goals. This helps improve business outcomes.


When you understand of how much each employee costs in every country you operate, you can make more informed business decisions. This includes how to reallocate and reduce labor costs.


A high-level view of tax deductions and taxable benefits across countries helps ensure compliance with local laws. With visibility into local tax costs, you can evaluate where it’s more cost effective to hire new employees.


Monitoring your total headcount over time gives you a comprehensive view into worker turnover, including full-time, part-time or project-based employees. Human resources can use this to help understand global talent management needs.


By monitoring and benchmarking overtime expenses on a global scale, you can provide finance teams with more accurate forecasts. This helps them budget and manage cash flow more accurately.
What specific business questions are you looking to answer with the help of people analytics? Let’s discuss how we can help.

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