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More countries, more HR complexity
Managing international HR can be complicated and overwhelming. Factoring in multiple countries, with different employment regulations, only further complicates things.
What type of employment contract should you draw up for your new employee in France? What are the requirements for background checks in Brazil? What are the bonus and time off regulations for India?
Let us help you answer those questions. With local on-the-ground support in 170+ countries, our team supplements your international HR needs. With our global Human Resources services, you never have to worry about country-specific employment laws and regulations.
HR services for a global workforce

Global HR 360, our comprehensive solution for outsourcing the complex employment requirements of an international workforce.

Our in-country HR experts provide guidance and support for contracts and onboarding, benefits administration, performance management, compliance and more.

Whether you’re seeking a full suite of HR services or only a few areas of support, we'll tailor our solution to fit your organization’s needs.

In addition to supporting your HR services, we help mitigate the risk of noncompliance. Our HR experts can help ensure you're fully compliant with local legislation. Never worry about employment laws, wage regulations, payroll taxes or insurance audits.

We’ll facilitate background and medical checks, help you write compliant contracts, onboard employees and administer benefits according to the local requirements.

Beyond onboarding, count on us for ongoing HR administrative needs. We provide HR consulting, benefits and performance management, strategic HR planning, ongoing employee support and employee offboarding.
Your local HR partner in 170+ countries
How do you know international HR services are right for you?


The rise of remote work has made it possible for companies to look beyond their borders for top talent. In many cases, these workers start as independent contractors. Do you need to switch these contractors to employees? Or are you simply hiring full-time foreign workers from the outset?


Before you hire in another country, you need to know their specific employment laws. Some places require employment contracts, while others don't. Certain countries have specific verbiage around what qualifies a worker as a contractor versus an employee.


Maybe you feel comfortable managing one employee in a foreign country. But what about a workforce spread across three or four countries? The more places you operate, the more difficult it is to make sure you're not violating any laws.


Have there been conversations about hiring overseas? Before those talks get too far along, it's important to consider how a global HR partner can fuel your growth. We can answer your questions and guide you toward effective talent markets.
Don’t let a lack of local HR knowledge stand in the way of hiring and managing workers internationally. Let’s discuss how Global HR 360 can help support your organization in 170+ countries.

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