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International hiring for your mission-critical workers
Hiring people on the ground—all around the globe—with the right skills and passion for your mission is critical to your success. But for many NGOs and nonprofits, hiring internationally is hindered by a lack of local HR expertise or legal entity.

GEO, our employer of record solution, lets you hire the workers you need in 170+ countries without taking on the cost of entity establishment (because we’ve already done that).

With GEO, we hire employees on your behalf and support them with our local HR teams, but they work for you on your mission—just like the rest of your staff. We take on the legal, payroll and tax responsibility, freeing you to focus on the impact your new employees can make in their communities.
We’ve helped hundreds of nonprofits overcome challenges and add the workers they need to make an impact in communities around the world. Let’s discuss global hiring for your NGO and how we can help.
How we help you make a difference

With consolidated invoicing, a single point of contact, and a centralized employee management platform, we simplify your global employment experience, no matter how many countries you’re hiring in. And it’s simple for your workers, too: They can access local HR support whenever they need it.

We help you navigate local HR requirements and cultural expectations to build equitable employment packages. Our in-country HR teams provide your foreign workers assurance there’s someone protecting their interests, who know firsthand what fair hiring, salary and benefits should look like.

When you rely on government grants, philanthropic foundations or private donors for funding, you must protect your budget and carefully weigh all expenses. We’ll work with you on pricing so that global hiring not only is possible, but it also becomes key to your mission-building strategy.

Being able to provide people with health insurance is important to us. We want to make sure that our staff feel fully taken care of.

Shefaali Desai, HR International Manager at WRI

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When GEO is the answer to your international expansion challenges

More funding means more opportunity to expand into new regions of the world. With hiring capabilities and HR expertise in 170+ countries, we can help you ensure that you have the people you need to carry out your organization’s mission.

You need to hire independent contractors as employees to avoid the risk and penalties of misclassification. Or you’re concerned about the ethical considerations of using—and misusing—contractors and want to hire in line with your organizational values. Whatever the reason, we can help with simple onboarding to turn your valued contractors into valued employees.

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For many NGOs and nonprofits, donor funds often come with strict requirements for how money may be used for initiatives, including hiring, so any legal trouble with a local government could potentially jeopardize future funding. Our in-country HR experts will help ensure you’re in compliance of local labor laws, payroll and tax requirements.

4 simple steps to global hiring for your NGO

  • 1

    Welcome call

    We guide you through country-specific requirements, such as taxes, labor laws and benefits.
  • 2

    Contract review

    We work with your team to prepare an employment contract that meets both your company’s needs as well as local market laws and customs.
  • 3

    Employee onboarding

    Your employee begins day-to-day operations. They'll report to you, while we serve as their legal employer and handle all HR and payroll needs. You and your worker will gain access to our secure employee management platform.
  • 4

    Streamlined billing

    You receive a single invoice per country detailing your employees’ salary, social costs, commissions and service fees.

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