Global Employment Outsourcing

Capitalize on the world’s talent pool, quickly and compliantly

Why Global Employment Outsourcing

The demands on modern HR teams are greater than ever. Wrestling with international employment law and compliance issues shouldn’t be one of them. Safeguard Global acts as an extension of your team – hiring and paying your employees in over 179 international markets.

As an employer of record, or global PEO, we handle all payroll, benefits, tax and compliance requirements for your global workers – from one employee through to hundreds.

Remove the worry and eliminate the admin from your to-do list and focus on what really matters.

Leading global companies trust Safeguard Global to support their international employees

When Global Employment Outsourcing is right for you

Independent contractor conversion
Independent contractor conversion

Your international independent contractors could put you at risk of tax, salary or benefits law noncompliance if their scope of work falls within the local definitions for employees. We can help you avoid employee misclassification by hiring them on your behalf, even if you don’t have an entity in the country.

Flexible work environment
Remote teams and cross-border employment

Implementing a remote-first culture and offering a flexible work environment have become requirements for attracting and retaining the best talent your industry offers. If your best talent live and work in a country where you don’t have an entity, we can help you employ them wherever they are—or want to be in the future—so you don’t miss out on the valuable expertise they bring to your organization.

New market exploration
New market exploration

If you’re exploring how international expansion fits into your strategic plan but aren’t ready to take on the cost and risk of setting up an entity, we can help you “test the waters” in your target countries. We can hire workers for you so you can evaluate the readiness of a market without making the investment needed to establish an entity.

NGO mission extension
NGO mission extension

Nongovernmental organizations with missions to carry out around the world rely on us to add workers to new countries quickly and compliantly. When you don’t have to worry about the cost and risk of establishing global entities, your NGO has more resources available to further your cause.

Entity stopgap
Entity stopgap

Setting up an entity in a new country is usually a long and arduous process. If you’ve identified a country critical to your growth plan and need employees right away, we can get them up and running in as little as two weeks, employing them on your behalf while you continue to build your entity in parallel.

Acquisition facilitation
Acquisition facilitation

During an acquisition, you may gain a workforce in a new country, but not the business entity, so you don’t have a way to compliantly pay your new employees. We can help you compliantly pay them until you set up your in-country entity.

Our global outsourcing
service and platform

outsourcing employment software
Unparalleled expertise

As the first to offer this service on a global scale, we’ve handled all kinds of employment circumstances and challenges—and we can work with you to build a solution that fits your unique needs.

Compliant contracts

No matter how complex a country’s employment laws or customs may be, we ensure that every contract, for every worker, meets all requirements.

Simple billing

We’ll send you a single invoice per country detailing your employees’ salary, social costs, commissions and service fees.

Local support

In addition to having acute knowledge of local laws and cultures, we offer contracts in local languages, salaries in local currencies, and support in your local time zone.

Employee management platform

You and your employee gain access to our secure GDPR compliant platform to manage employees’ time off, attendance and expenses—from any device.

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