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ADP Streamline migration? Customers deserve the last word

It has been over a year since ADP acquired Celergo. At the time, I expressed some concern about whether this move would really benefit customers. My fear was that ADP’s likely desire to monetize this investment not only would stifle innovation, but also the value their customers ultimately would receive.Based…
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disruptor generations

Webinar: Preparing your organization to embrace “the disruptors”

For the first time in history, there are five generations working together at the same time:The Silent GenerationBaby BoomersGeneration XMillennialsGeneration ZAnd within 10 years, “the disruptors”—Millenials and the microgeneration before it, Xennials—will make up a majority of the workforce. Is your organization prepared to embrace these younger generations?Amber Merideth, a…
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