Safeguard Global opens offices in Spain to support global recruitment and expansion

October 25, 2022

Company expands in-country presence to enable businesses to adapt to new opportunities to hire the best talent in more than 170 countries 

Madrid—For companies seeking to recruit and hire from a global workforce or expand into new markets, Safeguard Global, a global workforce management solutions company, expands its presence in Spain. The company’s innovative global employer of record solution, GEO, enables clients to hire from a global talent pool—allowing for Spanish companies to compliantly hire the talent needed to successfully compete globally.  

GEO, the original global employer of record solution, provides the support of in-country advisors knowledgeable about employment legislation and regulations in more than 170 countries. And with an 88% of cost reduction, compared to setting up an in-country entity in each foreign market the company seeks to hire or to open offices, companies can expand into new global markets in as few as two weeks. 

“The world of work has changed—and we face continued disruption to markets and remote employees performed just as well, if not better—they don’t need to be in-office. Leaders now see the opportunity to hire from anywhere in the world—and to win the war for the best talent, they are looking at a global talent pool,” said Bjorn Reynolds, founder, CEO and Chief Guardian. “Spanish companies can hire from anywhere in the world to find the talent to fill roles they may have struggled to find locally. And through the use of our solutions, recruit, hire, pay and manage a global workforce more easily, allowing their teams to focus on the strategic work needed to grow their companies.” 

Safeguard Global offers a suite of solutions that provides a broad spectrum of HR functions needed for global hiring and expansion, and its success lies in the team of in-country advisors for all things HR and employment related.  

“Today, the ability for a company to succeed rests in the ability to find the right people to help the company grow,” stated Triana Palomo, Safeguard Global Country Manager in Spain. “The companies that adopt a global recruitment strategy to find the skilled workforce they are not finding locally will help set their organizations up for greater success. Safeguard Global is expanding its presence in Spain to support companies in their recruitment of this top-tier global talent.” 

With more than a decade providing workforce enablement solutions, Safeguard Global partners with companies to provide solutions that allow companies to be flexible in how they expand their businesses and attract the best people in a global talent pool.

About Safeguard Global    

Safeguard Global is a future of work company that helps workers and companies thrive in the global economy. Backed by a data-rich technology platform, local expertise, and industry-leading experience, Safeguard Global provides end-to-end solutions to manage people and scale operations. With Safeguard Global, organizations can recruit, hire, pay, analyze and manage workers and operations anywhere in the world, no matter where they are in their growth journey.  


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