Safeguard Global expands and strengthens presence in France

November 2, 2022

Company expands in-country support to provide greater consultative expertise to French clients seeking to adapt to a changing market and capitalize on the potential of talent on a global scale

Austin, Texas—Safeguard Global, a global workforce management solutions company, announces the opening of offices in Paris and greater expansion of its French team. Founded in 2008, Safeguard Global provides companies with a full suite of solutions that enables emerging and established multinationals to streamline their international expansion and global recruitment and hiring needs. The solutions provide HR teams with access to recruitment, hiring, centralized payroll, time and expense tracking, as well as the creation of foreign entities and HR services management, such as tax, accounting and treasury.

"The world of work has changed. Today there is great opportunity in finding the skilled talent French companies need to thrive by recruiting from a global talent pool,” says Bjorn Reynolds, founder and CEO of Safeguard Global. “We offer solutions that help HR teams find, hire and manage a global workforce, allowing their teams to focus exclusively on the strategic work necessary for their growth."

Today, Safeguard Global optimizes their clients’ business performance by providing the GEO solution, the original global employer of record, enabling companies to hire in more than 170 countries, within a record time of two weeks.

For organizations seeking to expand or hire globally, GEO is able to support companies in:

  • Entering and testing new markets without the expense and time needed to set up in-country entities.  2.2% of companies can successfully gain market share without an in-country presence.
  • Hiring skilled talent anywhere in the world is quick and compliant for companies who have found the right candidate in a country where they do not yet have an in-country HR team. Currently, 9.6% of management and HR time is spent on government regulatory requirements in order to remain compliant with the country's labor laws and avoid controls.

“Opening an international in-country entity or recruiting and hiring employees abroad can be a daunting and time-consuming task, with a significant compliance risk of running afoul of local employment laws," Reynolds said. "Our solutions give international teams the flexibility they need to thrive, keep compliant, and accomplish their strategic goals.”

Safeguard Global has chosen to deepen its presence in France by setting up new offices in Paris, in order to provide better in-country consulting and advisory service to its French clients and prospects. To lead this development, Safeguard Global has appointed Léo Lacoste as Country Manager.

"French companies are facing multiple challenges in the field of recruitment. There is both a lack of skilled labor in certain sectors and increasing expectations of mobility or 'work from anywhere' among employees. This new state of affairs is forcing companies to expand their talent pool on an international scale," Lacoste said. “Safeguard Global has recognized expertise that companies can draw on to recruit their new talent wherever they are in the world, so that they can devote their energy to developing their business.”

About Safeguard Global

Safeguard Global is a future of work company that helps workers and companies thrive in the global economy. Leveraging a data-rich technology platform, local expertise and pioneering industry experience, Safeguard Global provides end-to-end solutions to manage people and scale operations. With Safeguard Global, companies can recruit, hire, pay, analyze and manage workers and operations anywhere in the world, regardless of where they are in their growth journey.


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