Panel discussion: Global intellect

November 12, 2020

How HR can achieve growth in new markets by improving global intellect

We've joined HR Leaders for a series of panel discussions on Global Fluency, and how it can help emerging and established multinationals achieve and sustain success in today's ever-changing economy.

In this second installment, we take a closer look at global intellect, the first component of Global Fluency, and why it's so important for HR to effectively manage the nuances related to employment laws, tax regulations and social costs in all the countries where the business operates. Top HR professionals participated in an insightful conversation on:

  • The impact of in-country intellect on global mobility
  • Requirements for employing in various parts of the world
  • Integrating multiculturalism into a company-wide culture

Our panel includes:

  • Birgit Maillefaud, VP of HR Organization Transformation at Coty
  • John Tomasello, Chief HR Officer at LEO Pharma
  • Matthias Iben, Head of HR Strategy & Organisational Development at Porsche
  • Lisa Calicchio, SVP and Chief Human Capital Management Officer at WCG Clinical (WIRB-Copernicus Group)
  • Brian Dames, Chief Strategy Officer at Safeguard Global

Watch the recording now to learn more about how the Global Fluency framework can help guide your organization as you evaluate your international employment and growth strategy.

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