5 key things to consider before undergoing a payroll transformation

May 31, 2022

Be payroll-transformation ready 

Payroll transformation is a long and tedious process. If you're thinking about undergoing a transformation, there are a few key things you should do first: 

  • Evaluate your Human Capital Management (HCM) provider 
  • Fully understand your organization’s global expansion plans 
  • Prepare to make a strong case for payroll transformation 
  • Break down your current state of payroll 
  • RFP and vendor presentation (if needed)

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While there’s quite a bit that goes into getting a transformation project off the ground, these five considerations will leave you and your company better prepared and transformation ready. 

Learn more about how our global managed services can improve your payroll for the better—or contact us today with any questions you might have. 

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