Panel discussion: Global acumen

December 8, 2020

How to use HR data and people analytics to drive organizational competitiveness

We've joined HR Leaders for a series of panel discussions on Global Fluency, and how it can help emerging and established multinationals achieve and sustain success in today's ever-changing economy.

In this third installment, we take a closer look at global acumen, the second component of Global Fluency, and how technology and workforce data can help HR make better decisions.  Top HR professionals participated in an insightful conversation on:

  • The importance of workforce data
  • Ensuring data is normalized for analysis
  • Devising data processes that are systematic and repeatable

Our panel includes:

Gustavo Canton, Global Head of Analytics at Starbucks
Hallie Bregman, Global Head of People Analytics at PTC
Steven Bianchi, Chief People Officer at Beamery
Wendy Hirsch, Vice President Workforce Planning and Analytics at Eaton
Brian Dames, Chief Strategy Officer at Safeguard Global 

Watch the recording now to hear the leaders' thoughts and how the Global Fluency framework can help guide your organization drive a competitive advantage.

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