Supercharging your recruitment and hiring of top talent in the new world of work

September 23, 2022

More than ever, there is a need for new and dynamic recruitment and hiring models. HR, as a highly strategic partner in the war for talent, must adapt and collaborate with partners across the business to bring on top talent quickly.

This HR Leaders workshop, in partnership with Safeguard Global, brought together panelists and HR execs from around the world to discuss one of today's most pressing business issues: the future of work.

We covered:

  • Designing a better hiring process and building a global talent community
  • Personalizing the hiring experience to offer candidates what they want in today's world
  • Learning how organizations are streamlining their hiring processes for a globally distributed workforce
  • Understanding how a new approach can jumpstart your recruitment on a global scale

Hear from:

ANNA MINDELÖF Chief People Officer at Fiskars Group

NINA KITTLITZ Vice President, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at First Citizens Bank

DURI CHITAYAT Chief Technology Officer at Safeguard Global

Learn more about how a flexible, people-centric work philosophy—we call it Work in Any Way—can help businesses meet talent needs in today’s complex recruiting and hiring environment.

Hire the best people anywhere, in any way
Hire the best people anywhere, in any way

Our global employer of record solution can assist you with hiring any type of worker you need, anywhere in ...

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