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July 2, 2020 Bjorn Reynolds

Nearly two years ago, Safeguard Global transformed our brand. We changed our look, solidified our purpose and enhanced our values.

The process to define this change was as transformative for me as it was for the company. I learned a great deal about our customers, our employees and our partners. Two distinct learnings stand out:

  • The value our employees insisted we must retain in any brand iteration was “Caring”
  • Safeguard Global customers, employees and partners all cited our knowledge and consultation as our biggest differentiator

Our brand transformation was the start of a journey to further strengthen our relationships with our clients and the broader market. 

Caring for each other and our customers is woven into the fabric of our culture

I care about improving and evolving our customers’ approach to managing their business globally. Sure, revenue and profit are elements of our business; they have to be. However, I know if we deliver value, success will come—to us and our clients.

And to be sure, we want to see our clients succeed. Yes, I mean the client organizations, but I am mostly referring to the people. We are invested in their growth, success and advancement. I could not have been prouder when I learned how committed our employees—we call them Guardians—are to caring for one another and for the people they work with in our clients’ organizations.

‘Safeguard Global isn’t afraid to push back’

That’s a familiar refrain we hear from clients. It’s only possible because of the expertise and guidance we’re able to share with our clients—honed from years of working with established and emerging multinational organizations.

Our clients know that when we ask them the hard questions—for example, about their readiness for undertaking enterprise-wide projects or challenges to their change management plans—it’s because we’re committed to helping them find answers and prepare their organizations for the most successful path forward.

A vision to bring our values and strengths together

As I thought through these two important pieces of feedback, I challenged my team: How can we deliver our knowledge and expertise in a way that demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ success?  

This challenge was not based on ROI or a presumption that we build a new product. The requirement was to construct a mechanism that demonstrates we care about our clients’ success and builds upon what our clients have already identified as our biggest strength.

It is with much pride that I introduce to you: Global Fluency.

Global Fluency is our industry’s first benchmarking tool designed to help you chart your global workforce proficiency and get on a path to evolve as your success grows.

We are offering complimentary assessments to organizations in the market and require nothing from you but a bit of your time to answer some questions. You are free to use the recommendations as you see fit and never spend a dime on Safeguard Global product or services. We care about your success, and we want to help you get there—whether you decide to do business with us or not.

As always, I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. Let us know how we can help.

About the Author

Bjorn Reynolds

As the Founder and CEO (or as we affectionately call him, Chief Guardian) of Safeguard Global, Bjorn is the driving force behind our company’s vision, strategy and culture. His commitment to excellent service and the success of our clients and Guardians is inspirational and of paramount importance to him personally.

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