Gaining Global Fluency

September 18, 2020

Multinationals’ missed opportunities revealed

Although many HR and finance leaders know the importance of local expertise and data to successful multinational operations, far too few companies are investing in developing those skills and putting them to use. The result is missed global opportunities and hampered growth.

Our survey of over 200 HR leaders dives into the challenges multinational companies face as they pursue global growth and a competitive advantage—and reveals opportunities, particularly in the areas of local expertise, data collection and management. These findings, combined with our decade-long experience working with multinationals, inform Global Fluency, our new framework for sustained success in the global market.

Understanding Global Fluency

Global Fluency has three components that every successful multinational must master:

  • Knowledge: How much an organization knows about its current and target markets
  • Data proficiency: The ability to manage, normalize and analyze data
  • Agility: An organizational ability to adapt strategy based on shifts in global markets

In this data-driven ebook, we’ll explore each Global Fluency component as it relates to the insights from our survey, including:

  • The importance of local expertise in each country where you do business
  • How analyzing workforce data holds the keys to streamlined operations and smarter business decisions
  • How successful organizations adapt to shifting market conditions

Read the ebook now to better understand what it means for an organization like yours to have true Global Fluency—and what you can do to help  improve your local data and in-country expertise to master the complexities of multinational business.

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Global Fluency is a framework to assess global growth stability, readiness and proficiency.