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Our in-house staffing experts are placed around the world to match your company with the best candidates—wherever they’re located

Local expertise to guide you through the hiring process in 165+ countries

The rise of the work-from-anywhere culture has given companies the opportunity to recruit from anywhere. Are you taking advantage? With our global recruiting solution, you can jump right in, getting the sourcing, screening and hiring support you need to employ the best talent in the world.

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Safeguard Global recruiting

Job descriptions

When you don’t have country-specific expertise, descriptions are copy and pasted between countries

In-country experts can provide unique, attractive job descriptions even with specialist roles such as software engineers and sales professionals

Multilingual recruiters

Talent pool limited to recruiters who speak the same language

Wider talent pool thanks to a team of multilingual recruiters


Juggle competing priorities and communicate across time zones, compromising the candidate experience

Focus on your priorities while we schedule and interview with top candidates


High risk of noncompliant compensation packages, increasing the likelihood of candidates rejecting your offer

Guarantee your compensation package aligns with expectations of local talent and follows legal requirements such as mandatory pay raises and gender pay equality considerations

International benefits

Copy and paste benefit offerings due to limited understanding of overseas market conditions

Customized benefits packages that are competitive in overseas markets

Time to hire

Lack of alignment between possible employee start dates and internal projects

Leverage industry and role-specific data for timeline trends and insights to plan internal projects with confidence

Compliantly hire your new rockstars

Finding global talent is just the first step. Can you confidently onboard them to your company’s payroll and ensure their salary and taxes are paid compliantly and on-time?

With our global employment solution, you can onboard your new talent compliantly in 165+ countries, even if you don’t have a local business entity. We handle the entire employment process—including compliance, HR support and payroll—while the your new worker starts contributing to your team.

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How our expertise supports your global hiring goals

Salary guidelines: We use insights from billions of datapoints to help you budget and attract the right talent.

Talent pool: We help identify where candidates are located based on your desired skillsets.

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