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Shifts in the global labor market have made it critical for you to adapt your hiring process. Remaining competitive for top candidates or specialized workers often means expanding your talent pool across borders.
But what if you don’t have a foreign hiring entity? Or you don’t know the local HR requirements?
We make it easy to hire, onboard and pay employees across 170+ countries, no entity required. Our in-country HR teams help you ensure compliance and provide local support for your foreign employees. No matter where in the world your hiring needs take you, we’ll be there to meet them.
What are your global hiring challenges?


Offering remote and cross-border employment has become a competitive advantage. We help you hire the best candidates, even if they live in a country where you don’t have an entity. Plus, we can help you keep your current employees if they move abroad. Learn more


Relying on grants and fundraising to advance your mission? Then it might be too costly to set up an entity or be hit with noncompliance penalties. We help you hire who you need, wherever you need them, while staying on budget. Learn more


We can hire local employees on your behalf while you take on the complex process of establishing a foreign entity . When you’re up and running, we can seamlessly transfer your workers to your direct employment. Learn more


Hire the best faculty, researchers and grad students in the world, no relocation needed. We help you employ your remote staff in their home country. Learn more


During a merger or acquisition, you may gain a workforce in a country, but not the entity that employs them. We’ll help you continue t o pay your newly acquired employee, while you set up your in-country entity. Learn more
No matter why you need to hire international employees, we can take care of the how. Our global solutions advisors are ready to answer your questions and help you get started.

How to hire foreign employees

GEO, our international hiring solution, is an employer of record (EOR). Because we’ve already established entities and built HR teams around the world, we can hire international workers on your behalf, often in as little as two weeks. You manage your workers while we handle the legal and HR requirements. Through GEO, we:

We provide competitive guidance for employee contracts and ensure compliance with all local employment laws.

We make sure payroll includes all required employee benefits and tax withholdings.

With our streamlined onboarding process, you can get your worker can get started in as little as two weeks.

Our local HR teams are available to support your workers in their home language and time zone.

Need help finding international candidates? We can help there, too. Learn about our Global Recruitment Services
Assess your employee misclassification risk
Should your international independent contractors really be employees? We’ll help you evaluate whether your contractors are exposing your organization to noncompliance of local employment laws.

Your trusted partner for international hiring

Veteran Experience
With over a decade of experience and 1,500+ clients, we’ve seen it all and have solved even the most complex international hiring challenges.
Customized Solutions
We’ll pair you with one direct point of contact and design a hiring solution tailored to your specific needs.
In-country expertise
Our in-country HR and payroll teams help you understand regulatory requirements to ensure compliance, as well as employment customs to foster a positive employee experience.
Secure HR platform
Onboard workers, manage attendance and expenses, and access HR support from any device with our GDPR- and SOC 1-compliant tech solution.

“We are a small company … but we can operate as a global company, which is very important to us. And that is the value that Safeguard Global can provide for us.”

Ståle Hansen, Founder, CEO and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay

Learn more about how CloudWay gains a competitive advantage for hiring top global talent.
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Find answers to all your international employment questions in one place. Our local hiring guides can help you answer questions like: What are the leave requirements in India? How do we obtain work visas in France? What do I need to know about the department of labor in the United States?
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