Payroll Restoration

Eliminate costly payroll inefficiencies

Restore order to your global payroll process

Whether you administer payroll in one country or multiple countries, manual, decentralized processes can open the door to:
  • Compliance issues, including failing to deduct for tax and labor authorities
  • Underpayment, overpayment and/or late payroll
  • Security issues as a result of file sharing practices
Standardizing payroll across the organization can restore order, eliminate inefficiencies and help you avoid costly penalties due to compliance oversights. Global Managed Payroll (GMP) is a centralized solution that gives you the ability to process payroll across 150+ countries and access to in-country HR experts who will calculate pay and deductions across your global workforce—ensuring accurate, timely and compliant payroll.

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Companies looking to improve their payroll process count on us for:

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When payroll processes are inconsistent across countries or regions, companies can find themselves making costly payroll errors. With a standardized payroll process managed by in-country experts, you can eliminate the risk of penalties or fines due to tax and labor law noncompliance.

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Decentralized and ad-hoc payroll processes can leave room for human error and inefficiencies. By transitioning to a professionally managed payroll solution, you’ll be able to process payroll in a timely manner and easily ensure that pay and deductions are correct.

Global reporting

With your payroll data spread out across various places, it can be hard to access a comprehensive view of your labor costs and liabilities. By centralizing and standardizing your payroll data, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your workforce data needed to make strategic business decisions.

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