Global HR Transformation

Elevate the role of HR to strategic business partner

Gain payroll data insights with a centralized solution

Payroll data at multinational companies can become divided due to finance and HR, as well as different ways of processing. By centralizing payroll across the global organization, you will be able to overcome common pitfalls including:
  • Inefficient and time-consuming processing
  • Inability to gain insights from global workforce data
  • Increased risk of noncompliance
A global payroll transformation will enable HR to contribute strategically to the business rather than just tactically. Global Managed Payroll (GMP) will spur this transformation by providing you with a solution that can compliantly process payroll in 150+ countries and give you access to the global workforce data needed to make informed strategic decisions.

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A global payroll transformation will provide you with:

What is an employer of record?

A single source of truth

With centralized payroll, workforce data is standardized across currencies and time zones, so you get a complete picture of your labor spend.

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Streamlined payroll processing

A managed solution eliminates payroll inefficiencies and discrepancies across the global organization—and frees up HR to focus on more pressing business matters.

In-country expertise

With GMP, you can count on local payroll experts to ensure all payroll is processed in compliance with all tax and labor laws.

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