Global Employment Outsourcing worker FAQs

Safeguard Global is an HR and payroll outsourcing company that your employer has partnered with to help ensure your employment contract adheres to all labor laws in your country, that you are paid compliantly, and that you receive all required benefits and entitlements.

Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) is an employer of record solution from Safeguard Global. An employer of record, or EOR, serves as your legal employer in eyes of the local government and is responsible for payroll, tax withholdings and employment law compliance.

Your employer is the company or organization you work for. Your employer defines your role, oversees your work activities, and evaluates your performance. Your day-to-day responsibilities, as well as communication with your manager and co-workers, are all within the purview of your employer.

Your employer of record is, for all intents and purposes, your company’s in-country HR team, available to help you with any legal employment or benefits questions. Your payroll and official employment documents will come from your employer of record.

Your company has likely partnered with an employer of record because it doesn’t have a business entity in the country where you’re located. In order to legally hire you and offer a full complement of benefits, it has contracted with Safeguard Global, which has a local entity that can ensure your employment is compliant.

Your employer has likely determined that the scope of your work and value that you provide the company would likely put them at risk of employment misclassification if they hired you as an independent contractor. Misclassification can carry stiff penalties not only for your employer, but possibly you as well.

There are many advantages to being an employee instead of an independent contractor, including: leave and healthcare benefits, long-term or indefinite contracts, worker protections, pension contributions and inclusion into company culture. Plus, as an employee, you won’t have to figure out taxes owed—that’s the responsibility of the employer of record.

Typically, you will need your signed employment contract, completed new hire form with banking details, and tax forms. Because the required documents will depend on your country of residence, your employer of record will confirm exactly what is needed.

Your pay day will be detailed in your employment contract and confirmed by your employer of record during onboarding. Details of your pay will be provided in your payslip, and the method and frequency of delivery will also be confirmed by your employer of record. Your employer of record will ensure both your pay day and payslip meet all requirements of the local labor laws.

Since your employer manages your day-to-day activities, they will handle approval of all leave. However, you must notify your employer of record when leave has been scheduled to ensure it is correctly administered and reflected on your payroll.

During onboarding, your employer of record will go expense management in the Safeguard Global tech platform and app, as well as processes related to visas or other HR requirements. Additionally, you may reach out to your employer of record’s in-country point of contact throughout your employment with any HR questions.

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