Offer your team the flexibility to work in any way, and thrive

Your company is competing for talent in an environment where workers are demanding more than simply working from anywhere. And you want to give them what they want, no matter where in the world they’re based.

Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) gives organizations like yours the ability to hire all over the world—quickly and compliantly—so your teams can work in any way that meets their needs.

A career revitalized in Mexico City, thanks to people-centric hiring

Maria Lopez | Ingram Group

Maria Castro Lopez

Position: Sales Team, Ingram Content Group
Home base: Mexico City
Company HQ: La Vergne,

Maria Castro Lopez has worked for Ingram Content Group since 2017, when the company hired her via Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO). She had the perfect mix of technical knowledge and skills for a customer-facing sales role, including native fluency in Spanish. Without an office in Mexico, the U.S.-based company considered Maria for gig employment, but that route would have resulted in her losing certain benefits, as well as complicated her tax filings. In order to hire her on a permanent basis with all of the standard perks and benefits, Ingram partnered with GEO as the employer of record.

The relationship has been a win-win: Ingram Content Group nabbed the worker it hand-picked for the job, and Maria landed a role that has allowed her to thrive in a new career. “I wasn’t growing at my previous company,” Maria says. “GEO saved my life.”

“I’m very happy. I’ve grown this market with my boss. We’re doing great work. It wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t found GEO.”

Work, unbound:
From Philadelphia to Qatar

Ute Kraidy had been working as an art director in Drexel University’s marketing and communications department for three years when her family had the opportunity to move from the U.S. to Qatar. Initially, she thought she’d have to resign her position. But since the pandemic had recently forced everyone to work remotely anyway, her manager started researching options that would allow Ute to work from Qatar—while keeping the university in compliance with employment and tax requirements. GEO gave Ute the freedom to move overseas and continue her role, and the arrangement has worked so well, Drexel University opted to extend it even after lockdown restrictions eased up.

Ute feels fortunate that she was able to keep a job she loved when so many others around her were losing theirs. “It’s been a wonderful experience.”


Ute Kraidy

Position: Art Director,
Drexel University
Home base: Qatar
CompanyHQ: Philadelphia

“There was zero lag time. It was seamless.”

Benefiting from flexible employment practices in Mexico City


Francisco Robles Bolanos

Position: QA Reviewer,
American Institute of Research
Home base: Mexico City
Company HQ: Arlington, Virginia

When Francisco (Frank) Robles Bolanos was ready for a new opportunity in quality assurance, he didn’t limit his job search to his home country of Mexico. By keeping his options open, he was able to secure a position with the American Institute of Research (AIR), which hires many of its international workers through GEO.

Although AIR is based in the U.S., Frank was happy to learn that he still receives all the benefits he’s entitled to by Mexican law. He also appreciates how streamlined the employment process has been, from onboarding to payroll, and notes that he hasn’t had to reach out to his GEO point of contact even once since he’s been hired.

“I am very happy. I would recommend GEO.”

Let your teams work in any way with GEO

With GEO as your partner, you gain the ability to hire people from around the globe and the freedom to build teams that are happy, productive and engaged.

Worker benefits

  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Streamlined communications, with one point of contact
  • Adaptable to a diverse range of workstyles

Company benefits

  • 100% compliance with all local employment regulations
  • Full-service HR, including onboarding, payroll and expense management
  • Flexible support for a wide variety of employment terms

Global Employment Outsourcing
worker FAQs

Safeguard Global is an HR and payroll outsourcing company that your employer has partnered with to help ensure your employment contract adheres to all labor laws in your country, that you are paid compliantly, and that you receive all required benefits and entitlements.

Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) is an employer of record solution from Safeguard Global. An employer of record, or EOR, serves as your legal employer in eyes of the local government and is responsible for payroll, tax withholdings and employment law compliance.

Your employer is the company or organization you work for. Your employer defines your role, oversees your work activities, and evaluates your performance. Your day-to-day responsibilities, as well as communication with your manager and co-workers, are all within the purview of your employer.

Your employer of record is, for all intents and purposes, your company’s in-country HR team, available to help you with any legal employment or benefits questions. Your payroll and official employment documents will come from your employer of record.

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