Global hiring for Remote Teams

Employ the best talent anywhere, in any way

A compliant solution for offering worker flexibility

Two fundamental issues are changing the landscape of traditional employment: 

  • Workers are requesting more flexibility in the location and manner that they work

  • Workforce shortages are forcing organizations to rethink how they attract and retain top talent

As employee expectations evolve not only in where they want to work, but also how and when they work, companies that adapt gain a competitive advantage over companies that don’t. 

Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) lets you offer the flexibility the market demands. With GEO, you can employ—and retain—workers across borders or oceans, even if you don’t have an entity or HR staff in the country where they live.

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The advantages of our remote work solution:

Devising an international expansion strategy
Payroll Copy


Hire the best talent, regardless of their location or nationality

Onboard workers in as little as two weeks

Talent recruitment and retention

Give employees a say in where and how they work

Provide benefits that are consistent with — or exceed — local customs and expectations

Compliance - Circle


Ensure employment contracts meet local regulations

Eliminate risk of penalties, fines or funding loss related to labor law unfamiliarity or errors

Why you should choose GEO

  • We have an established track record of helping remote-first and remote-only companies expand and hire in new international markets
  • Our reach in more than 130 countries give your employees the flexibility to truly work from anywhere
  • Our technology solutions help you meet employees’ elevated expectations

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