Hiring foreign independent contractors

Keep your global talent,
eliminate your risk

If your international independent contractors provide vital contributions to your organization’s success, it’s possible—likely, even—their scope of work is putting you at risk of employee misclassification.

We can help you keep your valuable foreign talent while protecting you from noncompliance by converting contractors to employees—even if you don’t have a local business entity.

With in-country HR expertise and the ability to hire workers on your behalf, Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) frees you from the threat of fines, penalties—or worse—and lets you focus on how your workers can continue to help you achieve business goals.

Let’s talk about converting your contractors

The workforce advantages of converting foreign contractors:

Compliance - Circle


Remove risk of employee misclassification

Ensure contracts adhere to all local labor laws

Payroll Copy

Hiring and payroll

Streamline compensation and benefits packages

Ensure pay is accurate, on time and in the local currency

Talent retention

Provide more opportunities for workers to contribute to organization’s success

Keep valuable talent with your organization—and away from competitors

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