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Global hiring for higher education

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Remote learning has introduced significant changes to the hiring process at many colleges and universities—particularly when faculty, researchers or grad students are unable or unwilling to make an international move. To continue to attract the most accomplished academic talent, you need a strategy for hiring abroad that sets you up for long-term success and eliminates the risk of noncompliance with international labor laws. Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) allows you to hire faculty in their home countries by acting as the employer of record. We manage the HR complexity and risk, while you benefit from the expertise and prestige these educators bring to your university.

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Hiring and payroll

Streamline the hiring process for both your institution and remote faculty

Ensure pay is accurate, on time and in the local currency



Manage complex contracts that require updates or extensions every semester

Offer visa support between countries outside the U.S for location-specific projects

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Ensure all local labor, tax, salary and benefits requirements are met

Eliminate the risk of penalties from employment errors

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