Entity establishment employment solution

Don’t let entity setup delay hiring in critical markets

Advance your global growth plan without getting stuck in red tape

Establishing an entity in a foreign country may be the best move for your long-term growth plan. But what about the short term—can you afford to wait for the often long and arduous process of entity registration?

To capitalize on the potential of your target country, you need to be able to hire the right talent at the right time. And in today’s competitive global market, the right time is now.

Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) allows you to hire the workers you need to begin operations in a country, often in as little as two weeks. As an employer of record, GEO hires and onboards your workers on your behalf while you navigate the local government’s complex legal system to complete the entity registration process. After your entity is up and running, GEO can seamlessly transfer your workers to you for direct employment.

Let’s talk about onboarding new workers quickly

While waiting on entity establishment, rely on GEO for:

Payroll Copy

Speed to market

Hire and onboard workers in your target country in as little as two weeks

Compliance - Circle

Local HR expertise

Ensure all local labor, tax, salary and benefits requirements are met for your new international workers


Should you determine entity establishment is too costly, in both time and money, you can keep your workers—and your presence in the country—indefinitely

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