Don’t wait 6 months to form an entity – pay your employees with GEO today

Many default for setting up a local entity, without realising there are alternatives in the market are less complex, risky, and costly.

We’ll get you access to a new country quicker than an entity – without any missteps

Moving into a new country as an employer is no longer a choice for organisations – it’s a necessity.  Entities require heavy lifting to get up and running to hire your employees. An employer of record solution can help by stepping in to pay your employees in just days, while your entity is completed in parallel.

Maximize your growth in a new country; minimize your costs

Gaining an international presence and being positioned to hire employees in new countries takes more time and incurs extra expense than most think.

An employer of record solution can be used as both a long-term or interim solution to test the waters in new markets – drastically reducing the time to “go-live” and helping build the business case for additional investment.  

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Here’s how an employer of record stacks up against the traditional entity route:


Safeguard Global GEO

Setup costs

$25k+ initial cost for setup with attorney and tax advisory fees

$1k average setup fee per employee


6-9 months average setup time for an entity

2 weeks to onboard an employee

Labor investment

Multiple headcount to support includes legal team, HR, payroll expertise, and a finance team

One contact as an employer of record becomes the solution for legal, HR, payroll and finance

International banking

In-country bank account required to pay employees

No bank account – pay employees via an invoice

Tax liability

Corporate tax due as a liability for registering a local permanent establishment

No tax presence with an employer of record can support an efficient global tax strategy

Ongoing compliance

Risk of mistakes with local regulations changing frequently

Automatically stay informed with an employer of record keeping you ahead of changing regulations

Exit strategy

Costly statutory filing fees can last months with time-consuming dissolution procedures.

Simple and quick withdrawal process due to lack of tax presence.

Labor laws

HR required to manage employing across borders

HR support ready-provided to oversee and provide guidance on employing workers in line with local laws

Torben-Andreason | HR Director

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