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New Name. New Look. Same Attitude.

The SafeGuard World International brand has served our organization nobly for a decade.  We’ve developed solutions that have never previously existed, we have created markets, and completely disrupted others.  We are proud of the SafeGuard name and everything we have accomplished.

We find ourselves in incredibly healthy markets and posting

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Ensuring Success as a Global Sales Team

An evolving global business marketplace means companies are frequently evaluating how to maximize revenue potential amid disparate economies. Global sales teams play an important role, and to get the most the return from your sales force, you need a strategy that can scale to fit your various target markets.

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Building Up a Global Sales Team

With more than a decade of experience, Neil Carpenter, Chief Revenue Officer, has seen the global expansion journeys of our team, our company, and our clients. We talked to him about building out a global sales team and his perspective on international growth.

Let’s start with background: How long have

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How to Maintain Your Culture Through Expansion

As your organization grows globally, how do you maintain a consistent company culture?

It’s a question we’ve had to answer ourselves. Safeguard Global started with a small group of passionate founders who developed the values and vision that would carry them into the future. Over 10 years, the company grew …

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Five Things To Remember When Managing A Global Brand

Global connectivity presents an interesting shift in how we think about presenting a global brand.

Global companies, like Safeguard Global, need to demonstrate our reach, yet we also have to be sensitive to local audiences and their customs, which influence how we communicate. Somewhere in the balance is where we …

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Bootstrapping a Thriving Global Company: Part 1

You have to be a little nuts

As an entrepreneur, I am often asked about the spark that led me to create SafeGuard World International. The answer is simple: I found an area of the payroll market that was just emerging and focused on that.

But creating a global brand …

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