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Don’t Let a Missing Sock Thwart HR Compliance

One of the most common problems I encounter in my daily interaction with HR professionals is what I’ve come to call the “missing sock.” In laundry, you have a list of required steps: sorting, washing, drying, folding. But no matter how diligent you are, when it comes to completing the…
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How to Maintain Your Culture Through Expansion

As your organization grows globally, how do you maintain a consistent company culture? It’s a question we’ve had to answer ourselves. Safeguard Global started with a small group of passionate founders who developed the values and vision that would carry them into the future. Over 10 years, the company grew…
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Don’t Let Your Benefits Get Lost In Translation

Congratulations! You’re expanding your U.S.-based team to include its first international hires. How do you make remote employees feel like they are a part of your larger team? Co-working tools such as Dropbox, Asana, and Slack make working from anywhere a cinch. But what really makes employees feel valued by…
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Change Management Won’t Work Without This

No company-wide change can happen without the buy-in of the right stakeholders – it’s the only way decisions get made. However, once you have committed to the decision to make a change, you can’t forget about them. Stakeholder engagement is critical to keeping a project moving and to make it…
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What Development Teams Can Learn From Ford at Le Mans

I recently watched “The Return,” a documentary about the Ford GT’s return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was truly inspirational, and it reminded me of some of the global development teams I have been on—and what it takes to achieve a goal. In 1963, Ford decided to…
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Staying In Compliance With International Employment Law

Hiring employees to work for your organization in parts of the world where you don’t have an in-country entity is risky behavior – if you’re not prepared. There are several reasons to hire globally – whether you’re exploring expansion into a new market, hiring talent that isn’t available where you…
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Five Things To Remember When Managing A Global Brand

Global connectivity presents an interesting shift in how we think about presenting a global brand. Global companies, like Safeguard Global, need to demonstrate our reach, yet we also have to be sensitive to local audiences and their customs, which influence how we communicate. Somewhere in the balance is where we…
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Conquering Change Management One Step at a Time

Often the impact on payroll is an afterthought when global organizations consider changes to managing their human capital programs. And whether you’re implementing new systems, conducting wider HR transformations, or planning for strategic growth, payroll must be part of the conversation. Those conversations need to be driven from the top…
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Bootstrapping a Thriving Global Company

You have to be a little nuts As an entrepreneur, I am often asked about the spark that led me to create Safeguard Global. The answer is simple: I found an area of the payroll market that was just emerging and focused on that. But creating a global brand with…
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