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Here’s What You Need to Know About Independent Contractor Penalties

See Part 1 of this series, head over to Here’s What to Consider Before Turning to Independent Contractors.Using independent contractors can be a beneficial way for organizations to meet rapid staffing needs, but there are risks to consider—the greatest of which is misclassifying independent contractors. Consider this common occurrence of…
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Here’s What to Consider Before Turning to Independent Contractors

When faced with a need to employ people quickly, many organizations turn to independent contractors. They can be brought on with relative ease, regardless of whether the organization has previously done business in a particular geography. Because independent contractors are responsible for their own employment, your organization may avoid the…
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When international independent contractors go bad

Independent contractors are coming under increasing scrutiny – and not just in the United States. Over the past number of years there have been notable examples of governments around the world clamping down on the misclassification of employees as independent contractors by their employers. One Australian employer was fined over…
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