Transforming the road to global expansion

Building Safeguard Global has been an immensely rewarding journey, and 2019 has proven to be a massive inflection point for our company. We invited our first major institutional investor to the table, which has proven to be an incredibly valuable partnership. We also executed our first major acquisition, which expanded our global reach and extended our product line. We couldn’t be more proud of our year.

As Safeguard Global enters yet another life stage, I can’t help but reflect on the things that contribute to our success. While I believe our organization has all the things you’d expect in a growing company—great people, tenacity, client focus and so on—I think there is one quality that sets us apart: innovation. 

Over the years, the nature of our business demanded global reach and the risks were material—with decisions about regional expansion leading to prolonged negative or positive effects, depending on how things transpired. The stakes were especially high for us as small, bootstrapped, growing company. We needed a way to test new markets, remain compliant and expand quickly. So we invented a way to do it. 

We devised a new method for global expansion, Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO), because we experienced the trials and tribulations that come from hiring employees in foreign markets firsthand. 

Learn how GEO has helped fast-growing companies expand internationally in our new infographic.

You can expect even more from us in the coming years. For a company of our size, we have as extensive a global footprint as you’ll find. We expect to grow our local presence and expertise even further.

At the same time, we are striving to innovate the way organizations engage with emerging generations of workers who are demanding employment is offered in the way they expect. 

Our goals are simple. We want each and every one of our global employees to have a superior experience. We want the logistical and administrative aspects of the employee relationship to be seamless. Our global clients have similar goals. You can expect us to help them get there.

This is in our nature. Being the first to explore, by definition, means we are forced to solve problems no one has solved before.

Want to learn more about GEO as a solution for quickly expanding into new international markets? Contact us today.


Bjorn Reynolds, CEO
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