EBOOK: Legal entity or GEO?

A side-by-side comparison of the costs and risks of creating a legal entity

Deciding the right execution strategy for global expansion is complex, as there are many costs and risks to carefully consider. 

Before deciding how your organization should proceed, make sure you conduct a thorough analysis of the many tax laws, employer obligations, cultural nuances and other quirks that might apply in your target countries. You may find that creating a legal entity will be much more complex, risky and costly than you expected—especially with regard to your global tax strategy.

Depending on your organization’s unique goals, Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO), also known as an employer of record, could be a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to quickly gain an international presence. 

To help you weigh your options and choose the right expansion path for your organization, we’ve broken down the financial and compliance considerations in our new ebook, “Legal entity or GEO? A side-by-side comparison of the costs and risks of creating a legal entity.” Download it now.

Our ebook explores 10 key areas that impact the cost and risk of global hiring and expansion, including:

  • Timeline
  • Labor investment 
  • International banking
  • Tax liability 
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Exit strategy 
  • Terminations
  • Labor laws
  • Cultural factors

Download the ebook now and learn whether creating an entity—or turning to outsource solution—is the best expansion method to reach your organization’s ambitious growth goals.

Legal entity vs. GEO


The Safeguard Team
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