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Why Singapore?

This garden city-state is not only beautifully designed and well-kept, it ranks among the world’s most competitive economies, with a gross national income of $54,530 USD per capita—comparable to the $58,270 per capita income in

Employer of record

Beware false claims of in-country expertise

A global employer of record (EOR) can help you quickly grow your international workforce by employing professionals on your behalf. With their local reach and expertise, you can hire around the world without the expense

Employ workers in Mexico

Why Mexico?

Although it’s widely known for celebrating Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, Mexico is increasingly a land for living well. A diverse population that blends indigenous, Spanish and other cultures is the lifeblood

Employ workers in Germany

Why Germany?

Germany is known for being culturally rich in history and tradition. But this country is rich in other ways, too. With annual sales of 2.9 trillion euro in goods and services, Germany has the strongest


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