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If global expansion is on your radar, then you’ve likely come across something called international PEO as a potential avenue for adding employees in new locations around the world. Let’s get right to the point: Much of the information circulating about international PEO is mistaken. That’s because the term “international PEO” largely has been co-opted to describe a practice that, when employed on the global scale, doesn’t actually fall within the realm of a professional

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Top Drivers for International Expansion

Whether you’re the chief financial officer or a regional HR manager, you play a crucial role in finding and implementing solutions related to the company’s growth plans. When those plans include international expansion, it’s important


Globalizing Your Service Strategy

Many companies are expanding beyond their local borders to compete in the global market. The benefits are incalculable, but entering into this arena requires significant forethought and planning. Your organization needs to ensure your global


Getting Started on a Global Expansion Strategy

Global expansion can stimulate revenue gains and other advantages for businesses willing to take that step. And though there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to growing internationally, one thing is true for most companies, regardless of


The Value of a Network

“Networking” may evoke images of insincere business professionals frantically darting from one artificial conversation to another in a bid to offload as many business cards as possible. Building a network, however, is more than casually


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