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Employing workers in Singapore

Why employ in Singapore?

This garden city-state is not only beautifully designed and well-kept, it ranks among the world’s most competitive economies, with a gross national income of $54,530 USD per capita—comparable to the $58,270 per capita income in the U.S.Manufacturing and services are the main drivers of economic growth in Singapore, and regulatory…
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Employer of Record

Employer of record? Beware false claims

A global employer of record (EOR) can help you quickly grow your international workforce by employing professionals on your behalf. With their local reach and expertise, you can hire around the world without the expense or hassle of setting up legal infrastructure in-country, or the risk of independent contractor misclassification.How…
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Employ Workers in Mexico

Why employ in Mexico?

Although it’s widely known for celebrating Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, Mexico is increasingly a land for living well. A diverse population that blends indigenous, Spanish and other cultures is the lifeblood of this emerging market that’s seen steady economic growth and benefited greatly from international free…
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Global Payroll

Why finance and HR silos may be limiting your payroll data potential

Payroll data and functions fall within both HR and finance departments, yet it’s often the case that they act independently of the other, each with its own processes for maintaining the data.The conventional wisdom is, why shouldn’t they? After all, when talking about what payroll represents—employees—finance and HR have different…
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disruptor generations

Webinar: Preparing your organization to embrace “the disruptors”

For the first time in history, there are five generations working together at the same time:The Silent GenerationBaby BoomersGeneration XMillennialsGeneration ZAnd within 10 years, “the disruptors”—Millenials and the microgeneration before it, Xennials—will make up a majority of the workforce. Is your organization prepared to embrace these younger generations?Amber Merideth, a…
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Employ workers in Germany

Why employ in Germany?

Germany is known for being culturally rich in history and tradition. But this country is rich in other ways, too.With annual sales of 2.9 trillion euro in goods and services, Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and one of the largest in the world, making it an especially attractive…
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payroll compliance

Compliance… it’s kind of a big deal

To tell anyone in HR or payroll that compliance is important is stating the obvious—you know it, we know it.Compliance is so significant that payroll and HR departments spend approximately 36 hours a week—enough work for a dedicated full-time employee—on compliance-related activities, including navigating regulatory changes to ensure that company…
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Employ workers in France

Why employ in France?

Sure, France is known for its bon vivant lifestyle. But that’s just part of its appeal.Among France’s diverse epicurean population is a highly educated labor force—one that includes the largest number of science graduates per thousand workers in Europe—making the country an attractive option for companies looking to grow their…
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In-house Global Payroll

Still relying on in-house global payroll?

Payroll fraud is the number one source of accounting fraud and employee theft, which happens in 27% of all businesses. In fact, occupational fraud—or fraud committed by an employee on an employer—causes more financial loss to organizations than those committed by third parties. Oftentimes, schemes committed by dishonest employees last…
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How to hire international employees

How to hire international employees

Figuring out how to hire international employees remotely is challenging, especially when you’re recruiting and interviewing with people who live in unfamiliar, international markets. With many cultural differences in resume style and work style to account for, extra care must be taken when assessing international candidates at a distance.In order…
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