Author: Bjorn Reynolds, CEO

Road to Global Expansion

Transforming the road to global expansion

Building Safeguard Global has been an immensely rewarding journey, and 2019 has proven to be a massive inflection point for our company. We invited our first major institutional investor to the table, which has proven to be an incredibly valuable partnership. We also executed our first major acquisition, which expanded…
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ADP Streamline migration? Customers deserve the last word

It has been over a year since ADP acquired Celergo. At the time, I expressed some concern about whether this move would really benefit customers. My fear was that ADP’s likely desire to monetize this investment not only would stifle innovation, but also the value their customers ultimately would receive.Based…
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Bjorn Reynolds

Our most ambitious move yet

In my previous blog post, I shared my point of view on the Celergo acquisition by ADP. In short, I feel the acquisition was good for Safeguard Global but not so good for multinational companies in the market. They deserve faster, more creative innovation, and I just don’t see how that acquisition contributes.
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Safeguard Global acquires WorkFor and AdminMe

Press Contact:Heath Meyerheath@syinc.com858-768-1527 Safeguard Global Acquires WorkFor and AdminMe to Advance the Way Multinational Companies Deploy Globally.Companies combine to accelerate the development of product, service and technology offerings and bolster in-market expertise.  AUSTIN, TX. – April 30, 2019 – Safeguard Global, a world leader in driving long-term growth through constant…
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ADP, Celergo: Game-Changer Or Not.

I recently saw a quote regarding the recent acquisition of Celergo by ADP: It was hailed a “game-changer,” and I want to discuss it further.First, I want to congratulate Michele and the Celergo team for such an awesome accomplishment. As the founder of a company, I know just how difficult…
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Bootstrapping a Thriving Global Company

You have to be a little nuts As an entrepreneur, I am often asked about the spark that led me to create Safeguard Global. The answer is simple: I found an area of the payroll market that was just emerging and focused on that. But creating a global brand with…
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